Our global services in the areas of meteorology, radar maintenance, security systems, wireless communication, power generator and system integration

Meteorological Systems

Development, building and maintenance of advanced meteorological sensors and integrated software. We have provided innovative solutions that provide automation, reliability and timely weather warnings, forecasting and detailed analysis.

We have developed tailored systems for government agencies that service various industries including Agriculture, Water Resources, Aviation and Meteorology.

Security Systems

Customized CCTV and automated surveillance systems are one of our key competencies. Working at the forefront of technology, including advanced image analysis, we are able to deliver high-tech, reliable solutions to clients requiring a range of surveillance services.

Solutions have included object tracking, LPR (License Plate Recognition) and multi-directional facial recognition.

Wireless Communications

With many years experience in telecommunication technology, one of our key areas of development is providing clients with incredible long distance Wi-fi systems including building a BTS (Base Transceiver Station).

We offer fully customized wireless communication technology that might be needed for integrating sites located over a very wide area, including over land or sea.

Radar Systems

Having provided services for government agencies, we are extremely competent in the maintenance of high-tech marine radars for wave and sea monitoring.

Importantly we have also been able to troubleshoot and correct faults and issues when manufacturers of equipment have not been able to do so. We provide a level of confidence to our customers that equipment will continue to operate at the highest level, minimising their operational risk.

Power Generation

Using our many years of experience and versatile approach, we have developed tailored power generation solutions for a variety or unique situations.

Working with Solar, Wind Turbine and Hybrid solutions, we can develop a solution for any power need be it on land at sea or remote locations.

Computer System Integration

Our consultants take our clients through a thorough discovery and needs analysis phase before working with our dynamic fulfilment team to deliver the system solutions required.

Our engineers are talented in software and hardware development and integration to meet the unique needs of each and every client. We also provide ongoing tech support services.

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At YK&TEC, tackling challenges is an art. We follow a meticulous approach, ensuring precision, innovation, and client satisfaction. Discover how we transform obstacles into opportunities.

  • Strategic Assessment:

    Begin with a comprehensive analysis. We delve into the nuances, understanding the challenge from every angle. This initial step sets the foundation for a tailored solution.

  • Innovative Solutions:

    Armed with insights, our team leverages cutting-edge technology and creative thinking. We craft solutions that not only address the challenge at hand but also pave the way for future success.

  • Collaborative Execution:

    Collaboration is key. We work hand-in-hand with clients, ensuring a seamless implementation of the solution. Regular communication and feedback loops guarantee that the end result exceeds expectations.