• YK&TEC is a technology company supplying meteorological devices, security systems, wireless communication systems, radar and technical services to some of the largest companies and government agencies in South Korea since 2005.
  • We have built our reputation by consistently pushing the boundaries in providing innovative solutions across commercial and government applications.
  • Backed by unparalleled service and maintenance expertise, our engineers and consultants work tirelessly to consistently provide trusted support.

Allocation of Resources

Organizational Structure

YK&TEC works with our clients via a consultancy based approach to ensure all needs are fully explored. Customers can confidently discuss their needs and our versatile team will provide professional advice, innovative recommendations and a final solution that will achieve all of our customer’s objectives.


  • Our simple yet effective organisational structure allows clear lines of communication across the divisions to ensure all projects are adequately resourced and delivered on time and to the highest standard.

  • YK&TEC’s key competency lies within our Fulfillment Department that has core expertise in Solution Consulting, Software Development, and Hardware Development with some of the best technical engineers in the country.